Issue 8

Visual art piece depicting a collage-style layering of colors and images.
“And All Along the Way There Have Been Flowers” by Thad DeVassie

Issue 8


Salt” by Kathleen Hellen

Buzz Aldrin Takes Communion on the Moon” and “The Great Equalizer” by Jane Zwart

Picking a Baby” and “My Neighbor’s Heart Attack” by William Doreski

Filch Finch Music” and “She Would Say She Swam with Her Brother” by Pamela Hobart Carter

No Answer” and “Umpqua” by Douglas Cole

Reality” by Eric Thomas

Squall” by Ian Schoultz

To Be a Womb” by Hadley Dion


On Your Mark” by Natalie Sack

Written in the Stars” by Gargi Sharma

I loved him most…” by Diana Rosen

Clambake” by Lisa Lynn Biggar

Spelling Bee” by Kimberly Smith

A Change of Hem” by Keith Kinambuga


John Deere Caps and Stetson Hats” by Gail Ensor


Six pieces” by Thad DeVassie

Two pieces” by Jack C. Buck

Two pieces” by Lindsey Grant