Follow the guidelines carefully or we may not consider your work.

Fiction/Nonfiction/Essays: No more than one piece per submission. Must be less than 3000 words.  Double spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman or Times typeface.

Flash-fiction/Flash-nonfiction: No more than 1000 words per piece. Submit as many as you wish as long as they do not go over 3000 words total. Double spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman or Times typeface.

Poetry: Submit up to five poems on a single document, each poem on its own page. 12-point, Times New Roman or Times typeface. Format your work as you wish it to be read.

Visual Art: CMYK, 300 dpi, JPEG format. Maximum of five pieces. Include an artist’s statement and third person bio in the body of the email.

Attach each piece as a separate Word document and title each file as follows: Last Name_Title of Piece.

Include a third person bio of 150 words or less in the body of the email. A cover letter isn’t necessary, though it’s always appreciated.

Though we prefer unpublished work, we will consider work that has been previously published. If you are submitting something that has been published elsewhere, please let us know when and where it was published in the body of the email.

We accept simultaneous submissions.

Email all written submissions to and title the subject line as follows: Last Name_Genre (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, etc).

Email all art submission to and title the subject line as follows: Last Name_Art.

Submissions are read year-round on a rolling basis. Our goal is to respond within a week, though, in some cases, it can take longer. If you haven’t heard from us in a month, feel free to shoot us an email.

If your work is not accepted, please wait three months before submitting again.

If possible, please report Random Sample’s submission data to Duotrope. It is an indispensable tool for writers and publishers alike, and we hope to bring it full circle.

Please note that submission of work to Random Sample gives Random Sample the right to publish the work on this website and in future anthologies if we choose. Writers and artists retain copyright over their works and are welcome to publish elsewhere three months after publication on Random Sample as long as Random Sample is cited as the original publisher. 

We regret that we are not able to pay at this time, though we hope to be able to do so in the future.