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Informal renderings that respond to art and imagery. Ekphrasis turned Tweet. Words clipped from a social media post to expedite the publishing process and directly and transparently connect editors and creators.

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“Poppy” by Hailey Brabazon | Posted Feb. 25, 2021 at 10:15 AM

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What’s Full Bloom, Anyway?

By Kari Flickinger @KariFlickinger

It is almost pretty—the way he has hollowed
you with years of detachment. You lift
your jaw for the roots to twine, unravel, loom. You
skullcap in full bloom for winded petals. O
how exhausting to flounder and weave here, behind
set bulbs—time is the only aberration—
that mirage of substance—though
he has pulled everything from you.

A Little Broken

By Jessie Walker @jessieokrebs

My baby brother had a habit of falling backwards off a concrete step in our backyard. The fall always happened in slow motion and hit pause on the orchestra of springtime animal sounds.


Mom would whip around from the garden bed where she was planting impatiens and begin to wail. She’d scoop him up and rush her child’s cracked head to the hospital. My job was to stay behind and wash blood off the ground.

When the cracked head phase ended, my brother started falling off playground equipment and returning home in neon casts. The neighborhood kids would storm our house with Sharpies while Mom provided endless snuggles and freeze-e-pops.

I’d often find myself in the backyard staring longingly at the concrete step, trying to summon the courage to step up and let go. Attempting to find a way to let myself be a little broken too.


By Shawn Berman @SBB_Writer

by Melodie Jones @Miss_MJones

Growth is painful
Roots penetrate your heart
stabbing with thin powerful fingers
Stems fill your throat
choking you with their presence
You endure because growth is good
watering yourself with tears
flowers sprout from your brain
You’ve changed

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“Axe (The Patriarchy)” by Susitna Marasul | Posted July 22, 2020 at 6:36 PM

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