Five Images

Photography by Susitna Marasul

My work is a lifelong engagement with the question of what it is to be human.


I create in order to probe the depths of the psyche as well as hold space for untold stories to be spoken into the visual landscape that makes up our day to day lives.

Axe (The Patriarchy)

I love finding beauty in every moment, and photography provides me with the opportunity to discover the essence of the human experience.

Worship I

I believe that art can deeply heal us both as a collective and as individuals.

Worship II

My mission revolves around taking responsibility for my own healing and empowerment through self-portraiture, exploring the divine feminine in women and nature, and giving women’s spirituality a face and a voice in a world that so desperately needs Her.


Susitna Marasul is an artist and educator specializing in expressive photography and intuitive painting. She grew up in Sonoma County, CA among the redwoods, the oaks, and the tides. Susitna began taking photographs with her father and painting with her mother when she was young and has not stopped since. She is grateful to them for their loving legacy. Susitna has been a professional photographer since 2009. She ran a successful portrait photography business for several years and had the joy of owning an art studio in Santa Rosa, CA from which she created and taught art classes. As a contemporary renaissance woman, she is currently co-creator of The Raven Emporium, a collection of macramé jewelry and home décor handmade by her and her partner, Alejandro Montes, and is available for sale on Susitna is at present living and working in a cozy cabin in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with Alejandro.
To learn more about Susitna and view her work, please visit

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