Two Images

by Michael Hyman

In my work, I try to deconstruct my thoughts, and then reconstruct them into neo layers of narrative expression. I believe that our thoughts, imagination, feelings, dreams, and vision are in itself works of art and by transmitting these streams of emotions into textural symbols, we connect, we communicate, and we share.

Lost Girl

Lost Girl

digital image
This harmonization of my faculties in itself is an aesthetic investigation into color and form which severs as a stimulus to promote universal beauty. Therefore with my work I hope to fascinate, educate and in lighten the audience. And in that moment when he or she is present in the moment they discover what art could be, not what art should be.

Bird’s Eye View

mixed media on canvas

The art is the view-er and we are the vie-wiee.

Find more of Michael Hyman‘s work here.

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