Five Images

Fluid Meditations by Alexander Miller

These non-representational works are the result of channeled energy, a series of decisive moments along with the help of gravity and happy accidents.

Red with Blue Reveal

red with blue reveal

Acrylic on stretched canvas

The colors are vibrant and balanced throughout the compositions.



Acrylic on stretched canvas

The viewer draws their own interpretation as our brains are programmed to search for patterns, familiar shapes or search for meaning.

Inner Ocean


Acrylic on stretched canvas

The creation of this art is a therapeutic meditation practice.

Self Reflection

self reflection

Acrylic on stretched canvas

Without this outlet, the artist is nothing but a tormented soul.

Dissolution Blue

dissolution blue

Acrylic on stretched canvas

The art has a relaxed vibe with naturally healing properties, as it saves the artist’s life every day.

Alexander Miller is a recent transplant to the San Francisco bay area from Boston.  His paintings are both a creative exploration and spiritual practice.  The practice of painting is a letting go, separating ego entirely until the piece is finished.   The energy is channeled, not created.  The job of the artist is to make decisions based on the thoughts and feelings that percolate and act on them immediately without hesitation.

You can find more of his work here.

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