Three Images

by Mandira Chawla

Capturing an inner vitality of a Bharatnatyam dancer and discarding the confines of realism, the details of the dance dissolve in a riot of nature.

Bharatnatyam Dancer

12” x 18” (Unframed)


Ink on paper

Expressive ink strokes fill the surface with a delicate balance for the image to emerge. Mandira paints in red on an expanse of white paper, filling the emptiness with spontaneous freehand design patterns.

Buddha: The Epitome of Love & Compassion

18” x 24” (Unframed)

unnamed (1)

Ink on paper

Unpredictable yet exquisitely composed, Mandira paints animals. Here, elephants with no details, yet their form is unmistakable and perfect in their imperfection.

The Elephant Abstraction

19” x 20” (Unframed)

unnamed (2)

Ink on paper

Mandira Chawla has always been known for her creative expressions through her art from very early years of her life. Painting and creating was always a part of her life, be it in school, university or her career. It was inevitable that she would delve into it completely and let what she does define her and her dreams. Born in New Delhi, India, she was raised to follow the norms of the social codes but was always given the freedom of choosing her own path, much like her father, who is also an accomplished artist. Her love for creating something unique led her to study the ancient and dying art of Tanjore painting from a renowned artist in Chennai, only to come back and teach it to others. She has spent over a decade teaching Tanjore art. Circumstances led her to taking up a full-time career in Human Resources, but her passion for art always remained. Mandira is a skilled artist known for her intricate and versatile ability to weave various media into works of fine art of exquisite beauty. Her ink works are her original thought patterns and an intricate weave of nature depicting various subjects. Her work has found its way into various art shows and has been immensely appreciated. She paints in her home and carries her papers, pens and inks wherever she goes, which is why she may be found doodling at coffee stores, parks or even airports. For her, her art is simply a spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions.

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