Two Poems

by L.B. Sedlacek


Flying Order

Insects of the order Diptera

are true flies

possessing a single pair of wings

on the mesothorax

plus a pair of halteres

(derived from the hind wings)

also on the mesothorax.

Possession of a single pair of wings

distinguishes a true fly

from other insects

with “fly” in their name.

Well adapted for aerial movement

short and streamlined bodies

a mobile head with eyes

short antennae

to reduce drag while flying.

One floating in an iced coffee

One buzzing in the office

One flying in a restaurant

One interrupting a president

Diptera is a large order

estimated at over 240,000 species.

Still, why all this fuss about flies?

They only consume liquid food.

Frame Change


most wanted fugitive


hard to

come by


gumballs from machines

toothbrush kits,

sewing kits,

items forgotten by the

negligent traveler,


loitering in lobbies

to be purchased

by coin.

Travel games

and puzzles,


Those vending machines

stood in motels.

Pickles and eggs

in jars

floating in green

or pink seas

that would make

starfish uncomfortable.

There’s no more

moving pictures

through viewfinders


in museums.

No hard candy

sold for a dime.

No cola

in bottles

for a quarter.


an unwanted


in disguise.

L.B. Sedlacek has had poetry published in Mastodon Dentist, Pure Francis, Big Pulp, sidereality, The Broad River Review, Sea Stories, Illumen, Tales of the Talisman, The Foliate Oak, and others.  L.B. is the author of 11 chapbooks, the most recent being Spy Techniques. He has also served as Poetry Editor for ESC! Magazine.

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