Fighting Words

A poem by Jim Landwehr


The words take many forms
the brevity of a poem
the punchline of a knock knock joke
the long-winded political bill
and the Sincerely Yours of a letter

And nothing mean they taken
when context out of or
jumbled together like word salad.

If u luk @ words on a phone
they might hive been changed
by autocoercion to mane
sometime unattended.

And sometimes your friends
will get there possessives wrong
and loose there English credibility
while you’re sure their there
was meant to be their.

While some might hate English
with it’s dizzying grammatical rules
and all of its regional colloquialisms
I have grown to love it
like an old, somewhat annoying friend.

Jim Landwehr‘s poetry collection, WrittenLife, was released by eLectio Publishing in March of 2015. His first book, Dirty Shirt: A Boundary Waters Memoir was published by eLectio Publishing in 2014. He has non-fiction stories published in Main Street Rag, Sundown Press, Boundary Waters Journal, and others. His poetry has been featured in Verse Wisconsin, Torrid Literature Journal, Five 2 One Magazine, Off the Coast Poetry Journal, and many others. Jim lives and works in Waukesha, Wisconsin with his wife Donna, and their two children Sarah and Ben.

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