Five Images

by Taly Bar

I started my journey with painting in 2005 as part of my spiritual growth.

Tree of Life

(Mix Media)


I started with oil on canvas and expanded to acrylic and mix media.


(Acrylic on Canvas)


I appreciate the meaning of colors and the energy behind art, the creativity, and the major roll it has in life as a tool of expression to create well-being and happiness in one’s life.

Love Dance

(Mix Media)


Much of my work is inspired by life, photography, and working with colors.


(Oil on Canvas)


My goal and mission is to spread art and creativity around the world, to connect people with their inner creative self, and for them to enjoy the process of doing so.


(Oil on Canvas)


At a very young age, Taly Bar discovered the world of art as a way for her to express herself. At age four her dad became mentally sick. She turned to art and used Music, Drawing, Dancing and Theater to create security and love. Today, she realizes that her art formed who she is and kept her heart going.

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