Random Young Artist: Sophia Crumback-Tarrien

As a queer female artist, I love pushing what it means to be masculine and feminine in my artwork, especially in our current political climate.


I draw people who I believe encapsulate androgynous beauty.


I’m fascinated by running along that fine line between male and female and using my personal artistic style to both amplify and blur that line.


I often use traditional nursery colors to fill in shapes behind and within my drawings in order to tease the idea of gender “expectations” and put figures in large clothes that take away the identifying crutch of shape.

Masked Figure

Sophia Crumback-Tarrien lives in Michigan and is currently trying to survive high school whilst building her personal artistic skill. She uses art as an escape and a form of expression and hopes to one day make her hobby into a career. She is 16 and a junior in high school.

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