Six Images

Photography by Roam

When I create, I want to bring out what already exists.


This photoset was inspired by African accessories I had around the house. I wanted to incorporate items that hold historical and cultural significance.

Royalty 1

The gold and jewel elements were integrated to enhance the beauty of the models. I made sure that the models were wearing natural to no makeup, because I value natural beauty.


The clothing was purposefully black because I didn’t want to draw any attention away from their features. I chose these models in particular because they are my friends and I value them individually.

Sisters 1

When I look at my friends, I see greatness and beauty.

Third Eye

I wanted to showcase divine natural beauty with afrocentric elements.

Group Royalty

I wanted to convey a sense of confidence, royalty, and power.

Roam is a Brooklyn-based photographer who has been shooting portraits since 2015. She began photography out of needa do-it-yourself attitude to building her clothing brand. Since then, she has focused on portraiture, using colors and composition to create. Inspired by the people around her, Roam brings afrocentric tones to each project.

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