Eight Images

Paintings by Andreea Zimbru

I like to think that my art is like a puzzle. Divided, each piece has its own story but together they form a simple yet complex universe.

An abstract painting. A woman wearing a dress holds her face in her hands in the bottom, left corner.

My main subject of interest is daily life, which may seem simple, but my paintings present a new version, evoking hidden aspects of reality and generating a different perspective of human existence.

An abstract painting. The back of a person wearing a tank top and a bun in their hair is on the left.
“In Abeyance”

Composed in different techniques, sizes, and manners, the paintings are in a close relationship with the concept of experiment.

An abstract painting. A boy is in the bottom, right corner.
“Hide and Seek”

As a theme, the protagonists of the works are often extracted from concrete reality. The subjects then become the center of interest, revealing (sometimes visually) nothing more than their presence, allowing the viewer to make their own associations.

An abstract painting. A white silhouette of a person seems to be jumping from the top, left corner.
“The Jump”

The images are paradoxical because they involve a contradictory state between the real and the unreal.

An abstract painting. A girl sits and looks away in the bottom, left corner.
“Small Jumps Into the Unknown”

The presence of the human figure, although shrouded in mystery, evokes a state of temporary suspension, which may evoke introspection.

An abstract painting. A girl in a white dress looks away on the left of the painting.

What makes the subjects intriguing is the fact that they are juxtaposed with the unknown and the fact that each subject is questioning their identity. The viewer’s perception of the work also adds to the intrigue. 

An abstract painting. A girl in a dress stands just right of center in the painting.
“Fading Memories”

I find myself playing with different materials, from traditional oil paintings, to collages, to graffiti spray paint.

An abstract painting. A girl wearing a large coat looks away in the bottom, right corner.
“Sense of Illusion”

The different approaches in painting style, the atmosphere of a piece, or even the colors I use, are closely connected to the unpredictability of the present moment, depending heavily on my current state of mind.

Andreea Zimbru was born and raised in Falticeni, a small city in the Moldavian region of Romania. After graduating from an art high school in Suceava, she moved to Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania to complete her studies. She graduated with a BA and MA in painting from University of Art and Design in Cluj and is now working toward her PhD in Visual Arts at the same institution.

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