Five Images

Pen and Ink Drawings by Allison Janicki

As a self-proclaimed artist since childhood, I love experimenting with new medium and subject matter in every piece.

An abstract pen drawing.

The drawings in this set were created during Inktober 2018, a world-wide initiative that gives a prompt for every day in October for artists to interpret as they wish, usually with a pen as their only tool.

A pen drawing of a mug being filled with dark liquid.

I found that most of my pieces were influenced by either what I did or how I felt on that particular day.

A pen drawing of a hand touching a mouth.

I love art for this reason—that I can have my own interpretation and understanding of my work, yet every viewer can have their own individual reaction with the same piece.

A pen drawing of a hand touching an eye.

For me, art is personal, and I will continue to create as long as it makes me happy.

A pen drawing of an anatomical heart inside a corked glass bottle.

Allison Janicki is an artist, writer, reader, editor, library technician, half-marathoner, sub-par ukulele player and cat lover from West Bloomfield, MI. Her previous publications include The Sonder Review, Goat’s Milk Magazine, Storm Cellar, Volney Road Magazine, and Voice of Eve. She still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up.

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