Poetry by Mykki Rios

incandescent lightbulb

is when someone’s mouth smiles
and their eyes are misty
with brows flickering heartbeats
and everything on their face in between
is literally
in the world
held between those two points
the air gets thick
with what isn’t being said
and the gaze forms a circuit
with what is beheld
even if the expression
is a current flowing one way

Mykki Rios is a queer genderfluid Mexican-American poet, performer and multimedia artist. Raised in Chicago, and having lived many places across the globe, they strive to achieve clear, authentic communication and self-expression that strikes a chord with the human condition. Mykki has had work published in issues of The Minison Project, Smoke and Mold, story twigs, and Welter, as well as Lupercalia Press’ Vulcanalia anthology.

Photo by Veroniki Thetis Chelioti on Unsplash

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