Issue 5

A woman in a red dress floats underwater. Her long hair covers her face as it rises towards the surface.
Artwork by Shea Vitti

Issue 5


“Seersucker” by Rhienna Renèe Guedry

“Eco Poem” and “White Wine” by Connor Fisher

“curves” by Lian Wang (A Random Young Writer)

“A False Translation Of Baudelaire, Les Fenêtres” by Anne Pedone

“Poem 2: Only lines from Gregory Corso, Fanny Howe & Edgar Allen Poe” and “Poem 3: Only lines from Mary Oliver, Kenneth Koch & Li Po” by Andrew Gibson and Zebulon Huset

“Texas Tango” by Dani Putney

“Evincing An Old Record” by Laura Carter

“adolescence” by Jessica Kim (A Random Young Writer) 

“Consider the Scale” by Mary Rose Manspeaker

“the year of stay-in-place” by  Debra Stone

“Reasons to Not Kiss Me” by Cameron Haramia

“The Coat” by Barbara Daniels

“The Constellation of Small Uncertainties” by Sarah Crowson


“Death Rattle” by Benjamin Kessler 

“Twombly & Me” by Maggie Yuan (A Random Young Writer)


“Moral Support” by Carlo Thomas

“Alternate Reality” by Alexandra Carmichael 

“Seafood Night” by Alex Antiuk

“Soap Tongues” by Grace Safford 

“Fig, Girl” by Miriam Mandel Levi


“Address”—Photography by Shea Vitti