Issue 6

Collage of a cup of milk poured into the roiling sea.
“Rain” by Robin Cedar

Issue 6


“What’s in a Name?” by Cheryl Aguirre

“Do Not Reply” by Barbara Daniels

“Room of Bodies with a Hole in the Wall” by Satya Dash

“Aubade Over Illinois(e)” by Ashley D. Escobar (A Random Young Writer)

“Pendulum” and “63% Through the Life Cycle of a Star” by SK Grout

“Into Dusk” by Brian McCabe

“Not Wings” by Sonja Nelson

“Sky Disk as Window” by Kelly R. Samuels

“Pantoum for Mom and Punxsutawney Phil” by Lannie Stabile


“Mothers and Ghosts” by Alison Cao

“Shooter” by Michael Chin

“Greenware Days” by Annina Claesson

“The Moon and Ordinary Things” by  Callan Preece

“Home Visit” by Thaddeus Rutkowski

“The Lar and the RealGrrrl” by Eliza Tudor


“Shipping and Handling Cost” by Dawn Gernhardt

“Sanctum” by Lalini Ranaraja


“A Picture of My Existence” by Nachi Keta