Three Images

by Marta Vaneva

My work is about landscapes in their simplest forms. I capture a sky, which sometimes illuminates and sometimes threatens the horizon.


50 x 40 cm

Paris, France (2013)

LS 1

acrylic paint on canvas

My choice of line dictates the perspective in each piece. It’s a confrontation with the subject, as the water at certain times marries the traces of paint and sometimes confronts them.


55 x 40 cm

Paris, France (2011)

LS 2

acrylic paint on canvas

The imposed layers of paint obliterate with water and draw the landscape and give it all its character. I call these pieces Inscapes: imaginary landscapes which express my inner-scape.


60 x 25 cm

Paris, France (2010)

LS 3

acrylic paint on canvas

Marta Vaneva comes from a family of artists, so she has nourished her passion for art since her childhood. As a child, she started by drawing cartoon characters and later she attended the School of Boulle and got her A level in Graphic Design. Eventually, she decided to get back to painting, her first passion. She got her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at University of Paris. Since then, she has dedicated her time to contemplating, admiring and to taking pictures of nature. Those pictures are her first step to inspiration for her landscapes. She doesn’t work from a picture. She would rather just be filled with the beautiful natural landscapes she sees on any given day. For her, human nature is like a landscape. It changes constantly. She paints her feelings and emotions throughout her landscapes. She titles them Inscapes – Inner – scapes because they represent the inner side of herself. She is also very inspired by the landscapes of William Turner for his colors and the way he works with texture. She has the opportunity to travel a lot and show her work throughout the world. 

2 thoughts on “Three Images

  1. The second image kind of reminds me of when you’re trying to see through a window while it’s being rained on.

    Nice images! 🙂

  2. Oh, these are beautiful…and haunting. I keep staring at them and feeling them. So apt that you call them Inscapes. Gah, I want to write music now based on these images. Alas, I’m at work. Thank you so much for sharing these.

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