Two Images

by Diana Blackwell

Representational art can record the appearance of something in a straightforward way.  It can also use exaggeration and stylization to express an idea or emotion.  I pursue both approaches.



Realistic figure drawing and portraiture, like Karen, subordinates artistic imagination to observation and discipline.  On the other hand, Kiss uses figurative images to express emotion.



Diana Blackwell is a self-taught artist in Berkeley. She works in many media, including charcoal, acrylics, collage, block printing, and monotypes. Her subjects include abstractions and imaginary scenes, as well as human figures and portraits, still life, landscape, and religious, especially Christian, themes. Blackwell belongs to the East Bay Figure Painters, which paints from live models each week at the Firehouse North Gallery in Berkeley.  Her colorful, happy-looking monotypes and block prints have been a regular feature at Mignonne Décor in Berkeley. She has shown work in California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Washington, and Nebraska. Her work has been used to illustrate books, magazines, and greeting cards, and she designs graphics for Bay Area businesses. Her online gallery can be seen at

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