Two Poems

by Ajise Vincent



she prayed for a hubby

filled with the mettle

of perception, verity, endurance.

like the biblical job. rather she got

a mister who pours ash on his head

& finds orgasm in holes & brown dolls

Truce II

When I saw you, my elders,

breaking the pericarp of the kola nut

shrouding the riddles of peace

I saw the gate of Troy open, embracing

the idiosyncrasies of the Spartans

I saw Medusa gazing into men’s eyes,

converting them to epitomes of glamour

I saw the god of war, Ares,

in sheol, eating the feces of ants

Ajise Vincent is a Nigerian poet. His poem “Song of a Progeny” was a shortlisted poem at the Korea-Nigeria Poetry feast, 2015. His works have been published in London-Grip Magazine, Eureka, Kalahari Review, Sakonfa Literary Magazine, Synchronized Chaos, AfricanWriter, Indian Periodical, Jalada Africa, Black Boy Review, PIN Quarterly Journal, 1947 Journal, Prachya Review, ANA Review, Oddball, Tuck Magazine, Harbinger Asylum and various literary outlets. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

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