Assemblage Sculptures

by Roberta Masciarelli

Maybe it is my background as an architect that brings this about, but I tell stories with most of my artwork. I invite the viewer to get inside this space and see the details from a close perspective to understand how it was built.



Assemblage sculpture with found objects

Size: 24x15x3.5in

More info here.

My style is loosely based on Brutalism. In that school of thought, the infrastructure of a building was not hidden: electric wires, conduits, plumbing, and other details were visible to the viewer. I like to show how I made my piece – the beauty is in the knowledge and truth. And the use of found objects are the main focus in my creations.

[Liberum Arbitrium]

You choose your freedom


Assemblage sculpture with found objects

Size: 10x9x4in

More info here.

We live in a society that discards everything without considering where those things came from or what damage the trash will have on our environment. I find new uses for the found objects, creating imaginary devices and factories with my sculptures. 

Lux Brumalis

Winter time


Assemblage sculpture with found objects

Size: 22x13x5.5in

I have a dream that all we are going through in the world right now will pass, and our future will be better. With creativity and jumping quantum leaps, we will fix our future.

My message: to imagine other solutions, reuse what we have, and recycle our trash.

Roberta Masciarelli has been a visual artist for about 30 years. Her early career started in Sao Paulo, Brazil where she is from originally. There she worked for many advertising agencies and book publishers in addition to doing various free lance projects. After relocating to Dallas in 1999 for about 10 years, she continued her design career in North Texas, where she did graphic and web design for several companies. Today she dedicates her time to creating assemblage sculptures with found objects, working full time in her studio. Her art has been exhibited in art events within the US in Dallas, Washington DC and New York. Internationally, she has exhibited in collective shows in England, Holland, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, New Zealand, Bosnia, Japan, and Italy. She has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Mackenzie University, Sao Paulo.

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