Blind Man’s Bluff

A poem by Timothy Rodriguez


Come, Cephas,
Cover my eyes,
Tie a cloth and spin me,
Notice I said, Me;
Not the lie about
A roll-away rock.
Wind me twice,
No, thrice.
The peerless divisible,
Not only for denials
But for prepackaged gods
And savaged people.
So make it three,
That many turns
Should shake
The shaky belief
In the ground under me.
Then comes the call
To freeze and I grope
In a special dark
Fumble for a touch,
Sway this way, swing that,
A madness meant simply
To lay hands on someone
Whose eyes are as open
As mine and who’s as blind.

Timothy L Rodriguez was a journalist when newspapers counted, he is a poet when poetry doesn’t count for much, and he is a novelist when the fate of fiction is uncertain. He has published in English and Spanish. His novel—Guess Who Holds Thee?—is available on Amazon. His fiction and poetry has appeared in dozens of national and international journals.His most recent novel——has been serialized in the UK at

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