Random Young Poet: Fiona Chai

Hannah’s Corpse

GSA should be criminalized
your daughter pipes
her sour lips curling
When you kiss her good night I want
you to know that there are kids her age
who sleep on the streets
for being like me

I am so alone
Hannah raises her palms
when she sings
like that will lift the prayer higher
This is so hard
Her robin-soft eyes
brim over
I want to scream
You do this to us
When you carry her dripping body
to the hospital
Know that Jesus abandoned
me too

Fiona Chai is nineteen-years-old and has been writing since the age of eleven. She is currently pursuing a Creative Writing BA from the University of Colorado Boulder. She is the founder and chief editor of the literary journal The Devil’s Advocate. Her work has been published in literary journals including Voice of Eve, Toasted Cheese, and Light and Dark. Fiona typically focuses on LGBTQ themes and interpersonal relationships while making use of lyrical language. Find her on Facebook at The Queer Protagonist.

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