Eight Paintings

Artwork by Tristan Perrotti

Tristan Perrotti is an artist hailing from rural southern Oregon. Mostly self-taught and always searching for new inspiration, he focuses on expressionist paintings of portraits and figures with experiments in Surrealism.

His work often explores classical themes and compositions with a twist whether that be a redefining of colors or surreal interpretations of famous works. 

A man with thick brown hair and a goatee against a sea green swirl looks towards the side of the frame.
“Self Portrait — Gone Mad”
A serene face with its eyes closed among streaks of color.

Of his work, he says, “My work is always focused on color, with an eye towards classical themes and finding new ways to think about them in an expressionist style.”

“I’ve always striven to express my own un-articulated internal dialogue through color and expression.”

“For me, art is the conversation between the artist, the work, and the audience.”

A face formed of color, one brown eye, one empty socket against a teal background.
A circle of face with large brown eyes peers out from a thick textured landscape, underneath a stone archway
“Your Eyes Will Suffice”

Tristan can be reached on Instagram @tristanperrottiart.

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