8.46 PM 08/27/2019

A poetry-art hybrid by Tom Bennett and Sara Arthur-Paratley

Sketch of an abstract bone-like form repeating and altering texture from outline to shaded gradient to scribbles back to shaded gradient and then another variation of scribbled lines.

Strip the fat until you grasp the memory sleek as a tongue loosed from its mouth,

Clean of the storm bleeding backward from the day that would follow,

And the wind that would make a plaything of a night’s sleep between.

Let the meal we made in a greenhouse growing candles

Wriggle in your palm free of the burden it carries as a single word.

Writer Tom Bennett (Wales) and artist Sara Arthur-Paratley (Kentucky) collaborate in an ongoing creative exchange which explores perception, memory, space, and distance. 

Tom is a 24-year-old teacher from South Wales. Outside of the classroom, he enjoys learning Spanish and writing poetry (the two are yet to properly overlap). His poems have appeared in Ink, Sweat and Tears, and Crossways Literary Magazines. He has forthcoming publications in Thin Air Magazine and Tiny Spoon Literary Magazine. 

Sara is a multidisciplinary artist and performer. She is currently based in Valencia, Spain, where she has recently exhibited at Higiene gallery and Donations, and participated in performance festivals including Intramurs, Confusión, Migrats en Breu, and Danza en Casa. You can see the breadth of her work at her website, saraarthurparatley.com and her Instagram, @artbyartgurl.

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