Mosaics, Journeys through Landscapes Urban and Rural

Artwork by Brian Michael Barbeito

The following document both green spaces and industrial zones. They are taken during walks through differing worlds. Though people need goods and products and places to live, it often feels like development moves too fast and lacks creativity or consciousness when it comes to incorporating nature and sustainability into its present plans for the future.

[Image description: a collage of 10 images, prominently featuring a stop light against a blue sky and a beat-up turquoise Mitsubishi tractor. Other images include dried flowers, a close up of a frozen purple vine, a sign saying ‘Forest Limits Please Keep Out,’ a soft pink mushroom, colorful trinkets, a cement trunk, blueberries, and a shell on a beach.]

Brian Michael Barbeito is a nature poet, writer, and landscape photographer. He is the author of prose poem chapbook Chalk Lines (Fowl Pox Press, 2013).  Work appears at such venues as Fiction International and Literary Orphans.

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