Study of the Face

Artwork by Vera Wang
Random Young Artist

A step out of the comfort zone, beyond the fear of not drawing a piece “perfectly”

Artist Statement:
I have mostly painted landscapes, and through them I hope to either invoke a feeling of appreciation for the beauty around us or a sense of urgency at how fast it is all disappearing. I just begun exploring drawing portraits, so I begun by drawing the series: “Study of the Face” where I examine each feature of the face in detail. There is beauty even in the face of darkness.

[Image description: four sketches in pencil of ear, nose, eye, and mouth.]

Velda Wang is a junior in high school from metro Atlanta. She has been drawing since a young age. She realized how fortunate she has been to be able to afford art lessons throughout these years, so she recently founded a nonprofit, Young Artists, to spread her passion for art by teaching kids art (drawing, painting, sketching, etc.,). She has mostly painted landscapes in gouache but wants to step out of her comfort zone and fear of not drawing a piece “perfectly” to just be able to express whatever she wants. 

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