Issue 3

Upper torso and face in side profile in pink red against almost flower-like, multi-color brushstrokes
“Now, Before I Go” by Tristan Perrotti

Issue 3


“You Carry My Microwave” by Madlynn Haber

“Imperfection” by by Bridgit Kuenning-Pollpeter

“Manna” by Erin Lambeth


“Lost Girl, Or Boy: An Autobiography” by Briar Ripley Page

“The Dreamer and the Dreamcatcher” by Ilena Peng (A Random Young Writer)

“The Gift of Fire” by Denzel Xavier Scott


“8:46PM 8/27/2019” by Tom Bennet & Sara Arthur-Paratley

“Poem Non-Pastoral” by Savannah Bradley (A Random Young Writer)

“the gamble” by Brenna Casey

“you have refused to claim your father” by Dakota Clement

“Another Love Song Released in 2019” by Kara Lewis

“[ ]” by Cait Powell

“Indelible” by Meggie Royer

“Black Bird Singing in the Dead of Night” by Shailen Scott

“When this happens, it is usually because a poem is in a waiting room” by Othuke Umukoro

“until, they, shoot, the, next, one” by Othuke Umukoro

“Trash Day” by Vivian Wagner

“The Table” by Julie Weiss


Eight Paintings by Tristan Perrotti

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