Issue 4

A sketch of lips and chin on a square cut out of a face.
“Study of the Face” — Artwork by Vera Wang (Random Young Artist)

Issue 4


“Keeping the Car Running” by Aimee Cando

“That’s How You Lose” by Kathleen McKitty Harris


“Half-Life of the Elements” by Nick Caccamo

“Cans” by Matt Chelf

“Happy Melancholy” by Marie-Soizic Fraboulet

“Curiously Normal Skin” by John Kuligowski

“From underneath” by Evan James Sheldon


Devotion” by Dan Alter

All We Know of Death Is Its Music” by William Bortz

When My Automatic Faucet Refuses To Serve Me” by Jason McCall

My Great-great-great-great Grandfather who owned My Great….” by Jason McCall

I Know I’ve Been Changed” by Jason McCall

Sex, Change” by James O’Leary

Aubade But A Monologue Concerning Beauty” by Danielle Rose

Trivia” by T. Dallas Saylor

Sleepless Night #67” Sara J. Sloat

Sleepless Night #91” Sara J. Sloat


“Mosaics, Journeys through Landscapes Urban and Rural” by Brian Michael Barbeito

“Study of the Face” by Vera Wang (Random Young Artist)