Issue 7 | Follow Your Joy

“Ink Bamboo” by Cynthia Yatchman

Issue 7

Editor’s Note: Writing About Joy


hey Allah, it’s me” by a a khaliq

Heat Dome” and “Heading East” by Kathryn Knight Sonntag

Quarto for Juniper Trees at Night” by Gretchen Rockwell

Ode to Specks and Granules,” “The Most Beautiful Thing in the World” and “Rain Love” by Mykki Rios

Breakfast” by Joaquin Soliven

Forehead Smiles” by Maija Haavisto

Tai Chi: a Toronto Morning” by DS Maolalai

Shooting Star” by Alyssa Arns

love song” by Paxton Grey


Dancing With a Stranger” by David K. Slay

Tiny Dancerby Mary Ann McGuigan

The Reporter” by Steve Slavin

The Organizer” by Alan Brickman

The Goldfish” by Josh Rank

Island of the Ducks” by Irina Hrinoschi


The Simple Joys of Baking Cake” by Nadja Maril

Becoming the Crazy Flower Lady” by Katie Noah Gibson

Starting Over” by Jane Hertenstein

What is Beautiful” by Theresa Lin


Desert Order” by Jack C. Buck

untitled” by Ira Joel Haber

Ink Bamboo” by Cynthia Yatchman