Issue 1

Issue 1

“Divine” by Susitna Marasul


“0: No Pain. Feeling Perfectly Normal.” by Laura Ingram

“Grandma Essie’s Vanilla Pound Cake” by Debra J. Stone


“A Story that Foregrounds Dusk” by Alina Stefanescu

“Charlie Moved to Montana” by Alina Stefanescu

“Silent City” by Foster Trecost

“The Warning Sign” by Joel Worford


“The Coroner” by John Camacho

“Hannah’s Corpse” by Fiona Chai a Random Young Writer

“Never Never” by Seth Copeland

“Some of the Aphrodisiacs” by Seth Copeland

“Welcome Poem” by Cathie Desjardins

“Drought” by C.S. Fuqua

“#50” by Sarah Lilius

“Counting to 24 pt II” by Olivia Martin

“Miscommunication” by Remi Recchia

“Mega-Binge-Watching Gilmore Girls Because Everything in my Life Hurts” by Daniel Romo

“Last Text” by Jenny Macbain-Stephens

“ON TURNING…” by Joshua Michael Stewart

“PO CHU-I GOLDEN SHOVEL POEM” by Joshua Michael Stewart

“Victory” by t.s. thomson

“Returned as Ashes” by Sugar Tobey

“California on Fire” by Julie Weiss


Six Paintings by Lorraine Cooke

Five Images by Susitna Marasul

Six Images by Roam

Four Drawings by Sophia Crumback-Tarrien a Random Young Artist